MELLO-ROOS: The tax you choose

Amount taxed, all districts

2012-2013 amount, by district

District Funds Amount
Poway Unified 31 $42,063,819.40
Sweetwater High 17 $24,298,917.78
Chula Vista Elementary 13 $14,324,205.48
North City West 2 $8,369,454.00
San Dieguito High 9 $6,573,822.50
San Marcos Unified 6 $6,572,493.50
Carlsbad Unified 4 $5,669,167.14
Solana Beach 3 $2,610,225.28
San Ysidro Elementary 3 $2,591,481.28
Del Mar Elementary 2 $2,439,069.40
Valley Center Unified 2 $934,666.22
Ramona Unified 1 $375,749.50

Mello-Roos is a tax named after two California legislators who found a way around the landmark, tax-limiting Proposition 13 to generate money for basic needs in new neighborhoods, especially schools. Landowners, most often developers, created districts that could issue debt and collect taxes. For a lot of reasons, the tax amounts vary wildly from district to district and even house to house.
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Sources: San Diego Geographic Information Source (SanGIS) and the San Diego County Tax Collector

The more than 200 Mello-Roos districts in San Diego County contract with the San Diego County Tax Collector to handle the collection of taxes imposed by the district. Investigative Newsource requested three years’ tax information for each property that is assessed Mello-Roos taxes. Using a parcel number, we joined the tax assessment information with a geographic Shapefile of parcels in the county obtained from SanGIS. More than 99 percent of the records from the two files matched up, meaning that almost every property that pays Mello-Roos is in our database. A perfect match was not possible given that parcels change on a regular basis due to development, for example.